Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Already March!

Wow, so it's already March and Spring break for me is the day after tomorrow. Then I basically have a month before school again (I have to go to school 2 days inbetween.) I'm not really looking forward to so much free time.....ugh. I guess I'll study a lot though. I'm not sure if I'll be able to change to my host sister's school. Really, I don't care either way cause I'm happy where I am, but I would like to see a normal school as well. Also, during break I might get a cell phone. =) Japanese cell phones are so cool! They can even watch tv and turn the screen sideways to make it bigger. I'm wondering what cell phones are like back home now actually.

I've been having a good time lately with people and I'm trying to learn more Japanese songs and am studying a lot more. I can read manga (comics) faster now too! So I'm reading more of that lately. =)

I finally put up new pictures too! They're not that interesting really, but still.... enjoy

Tomorrow I'm going with some people to karaoke! Karaoke is so much fun. ^-^ Well, I can't really think of anything else....oh! the Hillary/Obama race is on the news a lot over here too. I found that interesting. Apparently there's a city in Japan called Obama, haha, or in Japanese, Obamashi. (the shi part is city)

K, that's all for now!