Saturday, February 2, 2008

Winter Break and January

Oops, it's been a while! I got lazy....well, also I don't use the computer as much at my new host family. Sooo, right now I'm the only one home and am sitting in an unheated room (I don't want to waste gas by turning the heater on since I'm fine and I think money is tight here) and I'm having trouble typing cause my fingers are so cold, haha. Also it snowed for a little bit this morning! But now it's kinda gloomy/rainy.

I'll start with winter break, I didn't do much really and stayed at my new host family's house most of the time. I did get to go to karaoke and Universal Studios Japan though. =) Karaoke was a lot of fun! I want to go again sometime! I know more Japanese songs too now that I'm living with a young person. USJ was neat too, crowded though, of course. I love snoopy! It's nice seeing him still popular in Japan. New Year's was pretty normal. I watched TV with the host family while eating soba (apparently they eat noodles at midnight on new years). Also, the number of new year cards people send out are crazy! My old host fam sent out 400 between the 2 of them and my current host mom sent 60 or so and Emi, 20ish.

It's much more laid back and casual around here. =) There's disney stuff all over the house and I love the cats! And I get to watch silly Japanese TV here, lol. I've learned a lot of Japanese from my host family too and I teach my host sister some English stuff. (She's in an international course at school.) Emi is a really nice and funny girl! She's pretty too. We're not friends or anything but she doesn't seem to dislike me and I like her so I guess we get along well enough. The host mom is really nice and laid back, but she doesn't really initiate talking to me and I find it hard to find something to talk about too, and when I do she doesn't keep it going. =/ I guess it's alright though. Also, I'm glad I don't have to eat as much troublesome fish. I mean, at my old host family I had to eat these little fish a lot and while that's fine, they have tiny bones everywhere and I refused to eat them so I would take forever picking them out. =P I haven't seen a fish head since I've moved. =) The older brother has come by a few times with his girlfriend and I like them too, it's lively with a lot of people here. Also, my host sister's cousin, Chizuru, is married to a Canadian pro skateboarder. =) I met them the first night I was here (they were visiting from Tokyo) and the Canadian, Trevor, was so cool! They must have an interesting life.

I have a 15 min bike ride to the train station now, then 2 trains, then a 10 min walk. So all in all it takes me between an hour and a half to 2 hours one way to get to school everyday. o-o The bike rides are fun and my thigh muscles are getting really strong, lol, cause the first half either way is downhill then the last is uphill. =P School is different with my foreign friends all gone now and Mana off to Austraila. (It's a lot smaller too.) It's nice that I can only talk to Japanese people but recently I've noticed that I've been feeling a little lonely cause I haven't been able to really talk to anyone in a while now. I like a lot of the girls in my class though so school isn't bad at all, maybe a bit boring, but I like it enough. I've even talked to several of the teachers by chance lately which is making me feel like I should pay more attention in their class cause I know them better and can't feel as indifferent, aha.

I'm studying a lot more! Really, I think my Japanese got a lot better in January. I'm learning a lot faster now that I'm trying harder and I'm only talking to Japanese people. Also since my departure is looming in the distance it's motivating me cause I'm not nearly happy with the level I'm at yet. My homeroom teacher said he thinks I've gotten better too. =)

It's really starting to feel like I've been gone a while's hard but I know when it's over It'll feel like it went by really fast. Well, I miss everyone! ~Lisa

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