Saturday, December 1, 2007


Aw, time is starting to go fast! This will be an eventful month. There will be a few Christmas parties I think, I change host families on the 23rd, I'll go to my host mom's chorus concert, see the new Bleach movie with some friends on the 22nd, and Angie will go back to Australia on the 23rd too. Then winter break! Ah, I have no idea what I'll be doing during that.

So my next host family consists of a host mom and a 16 year old daughter. =) And they have a white dog and 2 cats! I'm excited about that. The grandparents also live in the house next door and I think the houses share the big garden. I wish I knew more about the host daughter; I'm nervous we won't get along.

So tomorrow I'm singing and playing Autmn's Monologue in my music class. They have to sing by themselves or in a small group one of the songs they've been learning in class so of course I'm not content with just doing that. haha, I need to go practice after this. I also need to write what I thought about either Walk the Line or Dream Girls in Japanese for music....I'll do that after dinner. Then from Wednesday to the following Tuesday, we have tests, not that it matters for me though.

Aw, my knee is starting to heal up, though it's going to leave a scar I'm sure. Jeez, I hate scars. Oh well. And yesterday I finally mailed a package home and they required that I list everything in the package, the estimated weight of each item, and the value. Japanese people are sooo detalied. I think back home we just list what inside right?

I'm also studying more! =) I've been in a "learn Japanese" mode, so that's good.

I miss everyone!


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JuliaInEurope said...

I am glad you're in a learning Japanese mode and I hope you like your new family. Do you get to stay in the same school?