Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Break

Well, today is the first day of winter break! I'm going to spend all day tomorrow packing probably because on Saturday I'm going to see a movie and find flowers for my host family and then I move on Sunday. I'm going to put up new pictures probably later today or tomorrow as well. =) Last week our class went to the airport as a sorta field trip. We got to tour the kitchens and see all the food supplies and stuff! It was actually more interesting than I thought going to the airport was going to be. Then afterwards we ate lunch that consisted of airplane food. Oh, when we went into the food area we had to wear these funny outfits (which I have pictures of) and they even air blowed us.

Last Saturday was our music teacher's party thing. Basically, every year he has to entertain some elementary kids (but they were in our equivalent of 6th grage, which is a horrible age I might add) and he invites his high school students too. We were in the school's kitchen classroom and we made tacos. =) Then he got the little kids to make antler hats and played with a pinata. I don't think the little kids liked us much. (Us as in the foreigners, but oh well.) I have pictures from that too!

Then on Sunday I went with my host sister, Nori, and another lady that goes every year to my host mom's choir at the library's music hall. And the concert room is really nice! (and new) Though, that library is very nice all around I think. The first half was this dad and his daughter singing opera stuff.....I had to try and not laugh at first cause she just sounded so silly! She was good and all and would probably sound nice singing normal stuff, but I just don't enjoy that style. Then the symphony played and then the chorus sang with the symphony. Oh, this was all Beethoven stuff I think. I enjoyed the symphony! String music is so pretty. After that my host family and I went to dinner at an expensive Chinese restraunt. I knew we were going to eat Chinese food, but not nice Chinese food! I mean, how often back home do you see classy Chinese places? Well, I guess there are a few, but not most for sure. The food was very good too! I could tell that American Chinese resembled it a little but American wonton soup is laughable compared to what it's supposed to be like I think.

Wednesday was really sad! It was a half day and was just for the closing stuff and all, but our class had a good-bye party for the other exchange girls cause they're all leaving soon. They made photo books and stuff for them and my friends went to say bye to all the teachers and it all just sad. Then after that a lot of my class went to Tennoji to take purikura, which was fun. There we ran into Bianca's exchange friend from the same company from Canada and another girl at her school from Thailand. Then Angie and I left early cause everyone kept taking purikura and we wanted to go home already and in the train station another German friend of Bianca's from the same company tapped me on the shoulder and I was like "whoa!" and all. She had an exchange friend from the same school with her from Oregon and she looked so much like Jenny Redmond that I was startled at first glance! I was glad for the distraction cause I had to say bye for good to Angie yesterday there. =(
And mom might like to know that as I type this I have to keep on checking on the cake she sent. Nori bought canned cherries that we put in it and she said we could use the jam mom sent on the top. It's going to be really yum! =)

I wish I could go home for Christmas break, really. Oh well though, time's going by really fast I think. I don't think the first 4 months of school have ever gone by this fast.

edit: here's the picture link!

I still miss everyone!

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