Saturday, November 24, 2007

Small Update

Things keep looking more and more like Christmas, but I'm just going to talk about the past few days. So, on Thursday I was a little late as usual to school and I tripped while running (on nothing) and busted up my knee enough to have blood running and knicked my hands. God it was so embarrassing! haha, It's still being a pain and I thought I'd share.

Yesterday was a national holiday and I finally went to visit my host mom's ailing mom in a group home. (I declined the first time she offered, also, it was her 87th? birthday yesterday.) She has that disease where you don't remember stuff....altzheimers? I think she's pretty far gone...sad really. I also met my host mom's sister and husband. I'm glad I went, it was different. They had everyone on the floor out at the dinning room table and we sang happy birthday and ate cake. I tried so hard not to laugh when the grandma took one of the flower heads off and used to to wipe her bday card....then later tried eating a flower...I'm so mean, gosh. Then at the end the most lively old lady was seeing us out and she talked to me and I just smiled and nodded, haaaa. I think they all thought I was part of their family. But yeah, it was interesting.

Tomorrow I'm buying an electronic dictionary! =) yay! I love those things.

Random Japanese observation: nobody owns mutts over here! o-O

Also, all my friends are going to be going back to their own countries within the next month-month and a half. =/ I suspect my Japanese will get a lot better after that though...I am improving though, I'm much farther along than the other girls were 3 months in, so that's comforting.

Ooo, there's a Bleach moving coming out around Christmas, hehe, I want to see it. =) Maybe I'll ask Gusan if I can go with her and whoever she's going to go with. (If you go in a group of 3 or more it's about 9 dollars instead of 18ish?) o-o Very expensive.

Oh yeah! I change host families around Christmas too. I'm actually excited b/c I'll have a 16 yr old host sister. =) And I think it's just her and her mom too. Which I'm glad for cause I don't really feel that comfortable around most old Japanese men.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

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