Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the past month

So, I haven't updated in the past month...where to start....I'll start at the house. I haven't been anywhere new with my host family, and everything is basically everyday living, so nothing to mention there. Though, I really enjoy dinner here! Most of the time it's really healthy but still so yum. <3

School moves along as school does, but we just got through with our culture festival which was last Saturday. We spent time the whole week before preparing our display, which was a collage of pictures from our class. One banner had baby pictures, one had school pictures, and the last had recent pictures from the students lives. I think the whole point was for them to write in Japanese and English on the papers. Inside the school the classrooms had displays from some classes and other classes did food and such. So outside there was a lot of food and the music and dance clubs performed throughout the day. The kareoke was fun to watch! A few of the people were really good, and after that the dancing groups were awesome. School really isn't that bad now since I have people to talk to, so I'm not complaining. Oh! We got new school lunch boxes, haha, I need to take a picture of them, they're cute. Also, today we got a new gym teacher from Canada. He's a big black guy and he's teaching us basic martial art stuff, and I'm pretty excited about it. He's seems funny so far too. =)

I'm starting to see more of Osaka now since I've gone around a bit with friends. I finally went to Namba last weekend! It looks so cool there, but we didn't get to look around much cause we went there for a movie, but we're going back this weekend b/c we missed the movie we wanted to see b/c we didn't see it on the sign but it was we're going to leave earlier this time to look around. Also, young people like to dress up there so it's really fun to people watch. Hehe, so yesterday I felt my first earthquake! It was very short, probably 2 seconds, and by the time it registered in my head that it was an earthquake, it was over. =( But still, it had a roaring sound and it was interesting to feel the whole room shake. Bianca was really funny, she basically dropped like a paniced hot potato and hid under her desk; she's a precautious person. I just sat there and looked around thinking "awesome!".

oh! also, yesterday I saw an albino asian! I saw her from the back at first waiting for the train and thought she was a foreigner. There was no way her hair was dyed, it was a very pale natural looking blonde with no roots, and she was very very white. When we got in the train I realized she was asian, but I went the opposite direction in the train as her so I didn't see her face well. =( But I thought that was really interesting! I shouldn't be talking about random people, but I just found that so cool, aha.

Here are a few random things I've learned about Japan and Japanese people: Japanese girls shave their eyebrows....I think it's really weird. I'd honestly guess that at least a 1/4 of Japanese girls don't like Japanese guys at all (I think it's pretty sad really). People were eyepatches here a lot (mainly girls) when their eyes "hurt", but really, there's no way people's eyes hurt that often so it puzzles me. It's probably when they mess up their make-up or something. Japanese boys are way too feminine on the whole, like, they'll go to the bathroom together and fix each others hair and stuff (according to another guy in my company) and they even wear hairclips sometimes. They also wear really feminine sandals, which I found strange. Ironically, one of the main reasons a lot of the Japanese girls don't like Japanese guys is because they're so feminine and spend too much time on their appearance. American girls that wear a lot of make-up and do stuff to their hair have nothing on their Japanese counter parts. The lengths these girls go to are insane! It's quite fascinating. Oh, I've seen a lot of blind people since I've been here, I don't know if that's a city thing, or a Japan thing, but I thought that was a bit odd. Right now, Jamaican themed stuff is popular. Well, that was more about my observations about Japanese teenagers, but oh well! I'll try to think of more important things to mention next time. Here are my pictures from the last month, enjoy!


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