Saturday, October 6, 2007

Moving Along

So, yeah, time goes by fast I guess! I'll start with school. Until last week I really wasn't liking it but I'm talking to more people now from the 3rd year international class. Strangely, after I did that people in my class warmed up to me more. Funny how that works. Overall though there's not much interesting enough to tell. We had sports day the other week and I did the 3-legged race with another girl. Haha, we didn't do that well and I had a sore ankle after that. It was a fun to watch day though.

A few weekends ago I went with the Takahashi's to clean her mother's grave in Kyoto. People here seem to get buried in really nice places that are very expensive. All of the tombstones and displays are really pretty. Ater that we went to the Kinkaku-jin, which is that gold temple in Kyoto. I actually really liked seeing that. It was so pretty! There were many foreigners there too. There are a lot in Osaka too actually. Anyway, I still haven't put up pictures from that day. I need to.

I also went to the Kishiwada Matsuri, which most of you have probably already seen my photos from that. I think the highlight for me was that fish for a chick with food on a string game. I think I was too entertained by that, aha.

I've had so much different food here it's amazing. Eel is really tastey, but it has lots of little bones throughout the meat and I just have such a hard time making myself eat them. Japanese people eat a lot of bones in fish and stuff.....eee. I've also had many types of fish (I really don't care for sadines), raw fish (it's not that bad with sushi), squid (I think I only like it dried), chinese food, mochi, more vegetables than I knew existed (I really like some root I forgot the name of), and even different fruit (nashi are really good!). Ooo, also, I really like green tea ice cream!

Other than that I've spent my past 2 weekends looking around the Fujiidera area and going to a large mall next to a main train station in Osaka. Clothes in Japan are prettier I think. It's really different being in such an urban area, but it makes exploring more interesting. Especially since I don't have to worry about parking, haha. Also, it's funny how movies I saw this summer are coming out now.

As for Japanese, I don't think I'm learning that fast, but I have learned some. It just takes so much to carry decent conversations with people. *sighs* I've been studying more the past week. Oh yeah! I've also been keeping up with playing the guitar I fixed up. I'm excited about that still. =)