Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a week already

So yeah, just today i figured out how to change my blogger back to English. I'm so smart. I don't feel like typing what's happened in the last week since i've been commenting and emailing everyone instead, sooo, i'll start from now on. In short, i want to go back to Tokyo when i'm older, Osaka is very hot and humid, too many people around me speak English which is probably going to hurt my language skills, my high school is very laid back and isn't very academic oriented b/c it's more of a vocational school, i'm in a class with 4 other foreigners, and i don't have my uniform yet. We also have block schedules....ummm....my temp host families are very nice people. Oh, and Osaka aquarium is the best i've ever been to, so many neat animals. =) but i didn't have my camera on me cause i didn't know we were going! =(